Steven Spielberg shares his ideas on AI creating artwork: ‘That terrifies me’

On condition that a few of Steven Spielberg’s greatest motion pictures (hiya A.I. and Minority Report) have handled the way forward for know-how, it is smart that Stephen Colbert would ask him about AI’s altering relationship to artwork — particularly now we’re dwelling in a world the place Netflix has been criticized for placing out an animation that includes AI-generated background artwork.

Though he initially appears enthusiastic concerning the prospects of people utilizing totally different instruments to create artwork, he shortly clarifies that artwork generated by synthetic intelligence makes him “very nervous”.

“You are mainly taking one thing you created, and also you made, which is the pc, and giving the pc autonomy over your perspective and your self because the human particular person,” Spielberg says within the clip above.

“The soul is unimaginable and is ineffable. And it can’t be created by any algorithm. It’s simply one thing that exists in all of us. And to lose that as a result of books and films and music is being written by machines that we created, and now we’re letting them run with that? That terrifies me.”

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