Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Chapter 17 The Apostate

walking in bo katans palace.

The boys are again, Mando and Grogu.
Picture: Lucasfilm

Season three of The Mandalorian is right here and in its first episode, it’s principally the identical outdated present. Is {that a} good factor? A nasty factor? Will depend on what you’re anticipating to get from it. In case you’re anticipating enjoyable motion sequences, attention-grabbing Star Wars Easter eggs, and Grogu being extremely lovable, the present’s return gained’t disappoint. In case you’re hoping for one thing new narratively and never simply “Mando wants to finish this mission so he can full one other mission that results in the larger mission,” properly—sorry to say, that’s precisely what occurs.

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I’ll say I do love that The Mandalorian retains issues cohesive when it comes to titles. So, as an alternative of being known as season three episode one, it’s Chapter 17 (although, as we’ve lined, it’s actually extra like chapter 19, with two chapters over on The E-book of Boba Fett). Chapter 17’s title, “The Apostate,” refers to Mando’s obvious disconnect from his Mandalorian methods since he took off his helmet to say goodbye to Grogu final season.

The significance of that creed to his lifestyle might be why the episode begins because it does. The Armorer is crafting a brand new Mandalorian helmet. She brings it out onto a seashore the place a number of dozen Mandalorians stand, all carrying shiny, burly items of armor. Everybody has a helmet on, besides a boy standing within the water. This younger man, named Ragnar within the credit (performed by Wesley Kimmel), begins to pledge allegiance to the Method of the Mandalore, placing on a helmet he can by no means take off. It’s an essential ceremony to those people who appears to be going properly—till a large creature that appears like an enormous snapping turtle jumps out of the water.

paz vizla shoots a creature

What if a Krayt Dragon, however within the water?
Screenshot: Lucasfilm/Disney+

A battle ensues. And regardless of Mandalorians being recognized for his or her prowess in battle, all of the bombs and cables and blasters aren’t doing a factor. Individuals are dying, younger Ragnar virtually buys it, and even the Armorer herself can’t do something. Till an N1 Starfighter flies in and saves the day.

It’s a enjoyable motion sequence to start out the season to make sure; the visible results are second to none, and seeing so many Mandalorians combating with their superior weapons is satisfying. Nonetheless, you do get the sense that possibly these Mandalorians, those beholden to the Method, aren’t fairly the soldiers they’re minimize out to be if 50 of them can’t defeat this creature however one starship can.

Nonetheless, Mando (Pedro Pascal) is clearly flying the N1. He’s saved the day together with numerous lives, however that’s irrespective of to the Armorer. Earlier than he may even say a phrase she reminds him that as a result of he took off his helmet, particularly of his personal free will, he’s now not a Mandalorian. He brings up what she mentioned beforehand—that he can redeem himself by bathing within the dwelling waters within the mines of Mandalore—however she doesn’t even suppose that’s attainable. In response, Mando exhibits her a relic that’s apparently from the floor of Mandalore, and suggests the planet isn’t utterly inhabitable. The Armorer is skeptical, however begrudgingly she agrees that if Mando can go to Mandalore and bathe within the waters, he’d be redeemed.

Space whales

Rebels followers be freaking out.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm/Disney+

And in order that’s the primary purpose. One which we sort of knew from The E-book of Boba Fett episodes, however now it’s locked in. Mando and Grogu set off to their subsequent vacation spot. Whereas in hyperspace, Grogu sees one thing. It appears like… flying whales. The flying whales that saved Lothal again on Star Wars Rebels and have been final seen with Ezra Bridger, the very Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren are on the lookout for. It’s a deeper-cut second for Star Wars die hards, and in addition a manner of simply letting us know that story is on the market.

Although we predict Mando and Grogu are heading straight to Mandalore for that tub, they as an alternative come down upon a extra acquainted planet, one with a now bustling market. It’s Nevarro, the primary planet within the first season of The Mandalorian, and it affords the most effective instance but of the controversial concept that “a few years” have handed on this present to this point. There’s new development, peaceable interactions, pleasant greetings, music within the streets… this can be a joyful place that has modified drastically since the previous couple of occasions we noticed it.

Mando and Grogu are there to fulfill “an outdated buddy,” which may imply many individuals. They’ve loads of buddies right here. One who’s now not with them although is IG-11, the Taika Waititi-voiced droid who gave his life to avoid wasting them manner again within the first season. There may be, nevertheless, a monument to his bravery within the city sq. and that’s the place none aside from Excessive Justice of the Peace Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) comes out to greet Mando, a person so essential he’s obtained droids whose solely job is to maintain his cape off the bottom.

the pair shaking hands

Mando and Greef reunite.
Picture: Lucasfilm

Karga may be very pleased with the whole lot he’s finished for the town. He’s taken it legit and affords Mando an opportunity to settle there and make some cash. Mando isn’t although. He’s extra involved about being an apostate than placing roots down wherever—and earlier than the Excessive Justice of the Peace can proceed his pitch, some pressing enterprise arises.

A handful of pirates are standing within the courtyard, led by Vane (performed by Marti Matulis). They’re making an attempt to get a drink however a droid is stopping them from coming into, so Karga explains that what they suppose is a bar is now a college. Nevarro has modified, in any case. Vane not-so-subtly mentions that it was cash from Karga’s rating with their boss, Pirate King Gorian Shard, that allowed the college to be constructed. Tensions proceed to rise as Karga tries to maintain the peace, however Vane and the pirates aren’t having it. It builds to a standoff, one which Karga wins by mercifully solely capturing the blaster out of Vane’s hand. Vane isn’t so gracious, however simply as he’s about to retaliate, Mando, who has been watching this all very fastidiously, begins selecting off the pirates. They’re all killed, aside from Vane, who runs away.

Frequently impressed by his abilities, Karga asks Mando if he’ll keep in Nevarro to be a marshall. Mando mentions that the final time he was on Nevarro, there already was a marshall named Cara Dune. That is when the present gracefully writes Gina Carano into oblivion by saying she was recruited by Particular Forces after she introduced in Moff Gideon. As for Gideon, final seen cowering on the ground within the season two finale, he was “despatched off to a New Republic Warfare Tribunal.” Mando asks why Karga doesn’t ask the New Republic for a marshall however the Excessive Justice of the Peace needs to maintain Nevarro unbiased so long as he can.

Ig and grogu

Screenshot: Lucasfilm/Disney+

Lastly, Mando will get to the explanation he came around his outdated buddy: he needs to carry the droid IG-11 again. Sure, the identical IG-11 who sacrificed himself for the group and whose leftover elements are actually displayed within the middle of city. Mando wants a droid to assist him work out if Mandalore is poisoned or not and he is aware of and trusts IG.

Let’s take a fast pause right here. Up till this level, I’ve been with this episode. Enjoyable motion, good mythology, it’s working. However when you begin speaking about resurrecting characters who clearly died—even when they’re machines—you lose a few of your stakes. It’s true that we all know Mando doesn’t belief droids, so his desirous to carry again a droid he did belief is smart, but it surely’s simply such a bizarre narrative bounce. Out of all of the choices within the galaxy, the present went with, “Let’s take down this statue and attempt to rebuild him”? It simply didn’t sit proper.

Anyway, they dismantle the statue and get to work. Mando powers up the droid’s torso and head however, as an alternative of going again into kindly Taika mode, IG-11 reverts to his unique programming which was to search out and kill the Little one. A Terminator-inspired mini-action scene happens, full with a sizzling potato Grogu toss, and IG-11 is silenced by a bust of Karga himself. He’s lifeless. Once more. Even so, Mando doesn’t hand over and Karga tells him about Nevarro’s nice droidsmiths—a line that, if you happen to’re a Star Wars fan, means just one factor. Yup. Anzellans. In any other case generally known as “Babu Friks,” they’re possibly the solely good factor to return out of that different factor.

Multiple babu friks

Hey hey!
Picture: Lucasfilm

Within the episode’s loveliest scene, Mando tries to grasp the droidsmiths whereas Karga interprets and Grogu will get so excited by their cuteness he assaults them with hugs. Amid all that humor although, one truth emerges. IG-11 is past restore. He wants a brand new reminiscence circuit which is principally unimaginable to search out. Nevertheless, if by some probability Mando can discover one, the Anzellans can carry his outdated buddy again.

And so The Mandalorian falls again into its oldest, most acquainted entice. Din must get again to Mandalore. To take action, he wants a droid he can belief. To get a droid he can belief to work, he wants a selected half. And so now we assume we’re going to see our heroes go on some sort of journey to get one dumb droid half versus taking Karga up on his supply for an additional droid or—I don’t know, the rest on the earth. It simply feels so lazy.

However, as tends to occur on The Mandalorian, there’s yet one more detour and this time it’s within the type of our pirate buddy Vane. He’s been ready for Mando above Nevarro to get some payback. and so simply as we see Mando start to impart a few of his Mandalorian teachings to Grogu for the primary time, they’re attacked. It’s one other cool, thrilling sequence wherein Mando as soon as once more wastes a ton of pirates earlier than Vane leads him again to the Pirate King himself, Gorian Shard (Nonso Anozie). He appears like a skeleton lined in inexperienced bean sprouts (or possibly Salad the Hutt?) and is about to take Mando out when the N1 does its factor and so they escape. We’d think about we haven’t the final of Shard.

The Pirate King Gorian Shard.

The Pirate King Gorian Shard.
Screenshot: Lucasfilm/Disney+

As a substitute of instantly going reminiscence circuit procuring, Mando and Grogu swing by Kalevala, a planet within the Mandalorian system that occurs to be the place none aside from Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) hangs her helmet, in an elaborate, desolate, and empty fort.

When final we noticed Bo-Katan, she was offended that Mando had gained what she sees as her Darksaber from Moff Gideon, and was planning to aim to retake Mandalore. However the Bo-Katan Mando meets in her fort appears defeated. Misplaced. She explains that since she didn’t get the Darksaber herself, her allies disappeared. Plans to retake Mandalore stopped and she or he’s bitter about all of the cracks and divisions within the Mandalorian individuals, together with those who comply with the Method.

Insistent as ever, Mando explains his want to redeem himself within the mines of Mandalore and Bo-Katan tells him there’s nothing particular about that place. It’s all superstition. Nonetheless, she provides him the situation: beneath the civic middle within the metropolis of Sundari. She needs him a sinister goodbye as Mando leaves on his mission.

Bo-Katan rocks that throne though.

Bo-Katan rocks that throne although.
Picture: Lucasfilm

“The Apostate” was simply in regards to the excellent mixture of the whole lot good and dangerous about The Mandalorian. The great? Thrilling motion, gross creatures, and teases of mythology. The dangerous? That wash, rinse, repeat narrative construction of finishing facet quests like a online game. And, on this case, these facet quests are main in the direction of resurrecting a personality who died a noble loss of life. We’ll see if that occurs or not however however—The Mandalorian is again. Let’s see the place the N1 takes us.

Oh, and in case you didn’t discover within the credit, this season Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder, the 2 males who’re primarily within the Mandalorian swimsuit for all of this, are given their correct due with a card in the course of the idea artwork. Good work, Lucasfilm.

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