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New Nissan Leaf to Come With ProPilot Semi-Autonomous Tech


Rumor has it that the next-generation Nissan Leaf will boast a greater driving range than the current model, but that’s not the only change in store for this EV. Today, Nissan is previewing semi-autonomous driving technology that will arrive on the new Leaf. ProPilot Assist helps control acceleration, braking, and steering ...

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The e-Mosquito bites you to monitor glucose levels


Researchers at the University of Calgary have released the latest version of their “Wearable Microsystem for Minimally Invasive, Pseudo-Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring,” a watch-like wearable that “bites” you every few hours to draw blood and test your glucose levels. The system uses a shape memory alloy actuator which contracts when ...

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Facebook equips admins to protect and analyze their Groups


Facebook sees Groups as the core of its push to “build community,” as Mark Zuckerberg detailed in his 6,000-word humanitarian manifesto. So today at its Communities Summit in Chicago, where it assembled 300 admins of top Groups, Facebook is making good on Zuckerberg’s promise to give admins more tools to ...

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